Crossing the Road

Crossing the road where vehicles are parked


  • Avoid crossing between parked cars.

But if there is nowhere else to cross:

  • Choose a place where there is enough space between two cars
  • Make sure no car is about to move out of the parking - look for drivers in the cars, lights and listen for engines.
  • Ensure that you can easily get to the other side of the road.
  • Walk to the outside edge of the cars and stop.
  • Look on both sides for traffic.


Crossing road with a median

Some roads have an island or a median in the middle.

  • Treat each half of the road as a separate crossing.
  • Wait on the island or median, observe and then cross.

Crossing at a zebra crossing

If there is a zebra crossing, always use it.

  • Wait on the pavement near the edge and wait for all the traffic to stop before you start to cross.
  • After traffic has completely stopped from both sides, walk across on the black and white stripes.

Keep looking all round and listening because a driver might not have seen you.

If it is wet, cars take more time to stop.

Crossing where there is an island in the road

Mostly traffic flows in one direction on these roads.

  • Treat each half of the crossing as separate crossing.
  • Watch out for overtaking vehicles.
  • Do not assume that vehicles will stop.
  • Check that the vehicles have stopped before crossing.

School traffic managed by police or traffic marshalls

  • When school crossing is managed by police officers or traffic wardens, wait until they signal to you to cross the road.
  • Always cross in front of them and obey their instructions.

Crossing one-way roads

  • Check the direction in which the traffic is going.
  • Traffic will be flowing in more than one lane; do not cross until it is safe to cross the whole road.

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