Roadside Stop

When you need to stop by the side of the road for a short time - to check something outside your vehicle or to look for directions on a map, for example - follow these directions:

  • Before slowing down, check your mirrors and blind spot to see when the way is clear.hazardlight
  • Turn on your signal before slowing down unless there are vehicles waiting to enter the road from side roads or driveways between you and the point where you intend to stop. Wait until you have passed these entrances so that drivers will not think you are turning before the stopping point.
  • Steer to the side of the road, steadily reducing speed, and stop parallel to the curb or edge of the road. You should not be more than about 30 centimetres away from it. Do not stop where you will block an entrance or other traffic.
  • Turn off your signal and turn on your hazard lights.

If your vehicle has an automatic transmission, put the gear selector in park and set the parking brake. If your vehicle has a manual transmission, set the parking brake and shift into neutral if not turning off the engine, or shift into low or reverse if turning off the engine. When parking on a hill, turn your wheels in the appropriate direction to keep your vehicle from rolling.


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