Driving Around School

  • Start getting to school some minutes (5 - 10) earlier and leave some minutes latebusr to avoid getting into the wild run into and out from the parking place. There is a high risk of accidents when kids are rushing around.
  • If there are vertical spaces near your school (not angle parking), park in a space where you can go out straight of, instead of backing out. In crowded lots backing out is tricky.
  • Watch for kids getting on and off school buses - and don't drive too close behind school buses.
  • Go slow
  • Don't leave valuable things in your car like wallets, shoes, leather jackets or sports equipment where they can be seen because this attracts thieves.
  • Always stop for school buses with flashing lights. The flashing lights mean that students are either getting on or off the bus - and may be crossing the street. Their safety depends on cars obeying this law.
  • Don't park in fire lanes around the school. Not only because you'll probably get a ticket, but you could also be blocking the area where a fire truck needs to park in case of an emergency.

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